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Monday, April 21, 2008

Serving the Great Physician

Surgeries are a significant part of the pastor's ministry. And it seems that they always come in spurts. After a "dry spell," we had a senior citizen woman have gall bladder out at Harrison County Hospital a little over a week ago.

Then, a parishioner who is also a good friend (a year younger than me) had a growth the size of a lemon removed from his pituitary gland. They actually went through the nasal cavity and got it microscopically! (This was all amazing that it even was there. You would NEVER have known by seeing him that something --let alone that large--was ailing him.) This procedure took about four hours at Norton's Hospital in Louisville on Thursday. Sunday afternoon he went home!

Today, one of our school mom's had a partial mastectomy at University of Louisville Hospital. It took much longer than expected. Her husband was about to go nuts, as the doctors had not sent word about how things were going!

At such stressful times, people are most receptive to the comfort of the Gospel. Guards are let down, and you really get to know them. And it does the pastor good to know that the Lord is really using him to make a difference.

Thank the Lord -- even for such hard times. As Pastor George Borghardt always reminds us, even the terrible trials and hardships are gifts from God, drawing us closer to the Crucified! So we praise the Lord for the people in our lives, the hard times, and the joy of sharing the Gospel.

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