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Friday, April 4, 2008

I Forgot to "Tag!"


I forgot to "Tag" anyone.

First, Kristi, you need to take the test. :-)

I know Brian already tried this, but does not blog. So Brian, you and Emma need to leave it in the comments. :-)

Pastor and Erin, and Rick and Maria, you can leave it on a comment too.

Jon, my right hand from Higher Things, Glenda from "I Shouldn't Be Doin' This," and Jessica from "I Love You Most" I'm tagging you as well. You can choose to post it at your own blog, or comment here. :-)

C'mon, gang. Places, everyone! The show starts in 5 minutes! LOL


Munster Maria said...

As I predicted I was Kermit.
No surprise to me as I was groomed that way by my Grandmother.
She gave all three of us kids Muppet mugs and velcro stuffed animals that she felt represented us.
Kermit was wrapped around my bedpost until I moved to RF and right now I am looking at my Kermit mug holding pencils on my dressing table.
I guess it is the hostess/journalist in me that calls out my inner Kermit.
hee hee

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

I have a lot of Kermit's in my life! Check out Kristi's answer on kheinzdesignz! (And if Brian ever posts a comment, he will reveal that he was Kermit as well.) :-)

Glenda said...


Munster Maria said...


Jessica said...

That was fun! Thanks for tagging me. I am a Kermit!