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Friday, May 2, 2008

Drenched Derby?

This weekend is big in our area. I mean, BIG! Tomorrow will be the day for the "Fastest Two Minutes of the Year" -- the Kentucky Derby. Here is southern Indiana, it is also a gigantic morning for yard sales.

This afternoon and this evening we had a lot of rain. The ground is saturated. That means several things:

1. Our Saturday afternoon planting in our garden is now delayed due to the extreme muddiness.

2. We got quite drenched unloading items for our youth yard sale in the school gym, and it could be a miserable mess for the gym floor. :-)

3. The Derby could get interesting! Sloppy! Slippery! Maybe the jockeys will "slide into home" -- oops. Wrong sport.

1 comment:

Munster Maria said...

Too bad we can not join you all for a hat and mint julep (sp?) party!
Would have been divine.
Made my reservations for tea at the GF for our first day there.
Thanks for the tip.