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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dark Deeds on Holy Tuesday

You may or may not be aware that on Holy Tuesday, with no warning, the radio program Issues, Etc. was cancelled. It's host, Pastor Todd Wilken, and its producer, Jeff Schwarz, were terminated -- effective immediately.

Now, Issues has been a bastion of Lutheran doctrine and practice for a number of years. Not only has this
likely been the highest motivator in financial contributions to KFUO; it has been the best, highest rated, most listened-to show. And all that while being completely faithful to the Gospel!

Lutherans who have heard about this are outraged. It is a vicious attack on the Synod's best evangelism tool and most technological/media savvy effort in delivering Christ and His Word.

An online petition to the LCMS and KFUO is available. I highly recommend you join your signature to the hundreds that have signed since last evening.

In the mean time, do not let the workings of the devil tear you away from the focus of Holy Week! As Pastor Wilken himself is encouraging:

My thanks to everyone who has been so generous and supportive. Thank you for demonstrating such brotherly concern toward me, Jeff and our families. We are encouraged by everyone's Christian compassion and friendship.

Everyone, go to church. Eat and drink the body and blood of Jesus. Celebrate His death for us. Await His resurrection. It's Holy Week - the best week of the year.

Wir sind alle Bettler,


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