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Monday, March 17, 2008


In the early 1980's, my best friend, Jeff Grebe, introduced me to a series of books when I needed a book report idea. The series featured three detectives, younger than the Hardy Boys, perfect for boys our age to relate to.

It was The Three Investigators. The stories implied that Alfred Hitchcock had met these youth, and they reported back the adventures and mysteries that they solved.

Jupiter Jones was the First Investigator. He was the leader. A resourceful kid, and nephew to Uncle Titus, who owned the Jones Salvage Yard -- where the Three Investigators' headquarters was hidden in a trailer underneath piles of junk. (I think in my mind, this was the role played by Jeff.)

Pete Crenshaw was the Second Investigator. He was the most athletic and muscular of the three. He also seemed most easily frightened.

Bob Andrews was in charge of Records & Research. He was the most learned of the
three, working in a library. (For some reason, I related to Bob, while admiring and wanting to be just like Jupe too.)

The series is not easily found these days in the USA.
Although it's very popular in Germany. I highly recommend tracking them down, especially for the "middle school" age of readers. The ones labeled "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators" follow the original plot lines with Hitchcock. Revisions since Hitchcock's death in 1980 have edited him out.

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Katrina said...

I have one of these books!! I LOVE IT (yes, still)... I can't think of the name. The Invisible Dog?? It's not in the best shape, anymore, but readable. I just read it when I unpacked it after our move. How funny!