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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Country Mouse; City Mouse

This fun "Photo-op" is right outside the Christmas store in Downtown Disney. It's always been fun to see the snowman characters, the snow-covered tree, and the very green shrubs & trees around them.

The funny thing is, during our nine years here, that has often been the case with snow. We don't get much, and what we do is gone in a day or two.

This weekend we have had around a foot of snow! Here in southern Indiana,
2 inches can bring everything to a screeching halt. Let alone 12! Schools close. The YMCA closes. Churches close. Even basketball tournaments have been postponed!

Just after New Year's Day in 1999, we had around 24 inches in Chicago. The main roads were clear as could be. The side roads at least had a decent lane. My head elder came and drove me to church a mile from our house. But here we can get a couple inches, and everyone worries and closes down. I never canceled Divine Services in Chicago. Here we have even called off Christmas Eve due to some snow and ice on the roads and parking lot! Of course, in Chicago, streets are straight and level, so getting 8-12 inches of snow is nothing! Here we have shaded hills and curves that are dangerous in wet, snowy or icy weather.

Today was actually nice. We have enough snow to cover everything and be beautiful. However, we will not have our 8:00 Divine Service or Sunday School. We simply will have the 10:30 Divine Service, giving the parking lot's black ice time to dry out.

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