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Monday, December 10, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 17 - NBC Celebrity Christmas

We have a number of compilations in our Christmas library.  One of those compilations is the NBC Celebrity Christmas, realeased in 2001.  While not all of these celebrities are Harry Connick, Jr.'s or Michael Buble's caliber, they are entertaining.

Sean Hayes ("Jack" from "Will and Grace") sings "The Christmas Song."  He does fine, but is no Nat "King" Cole.

Notable mention goes to Bebe Neuwirth and John Lithgow, with "Baby, It's Cold Outside."  That is probably the best track for the album, and for me, their playful rendition made it worth the purchase.

"The Coventry Carol" is sung by Alex Kingston (Dr. Elizabeth Corday on ER.)  She does a fine job on this sorrow-filled lullaby for one of the Holy Innocents.

While not our favorite, this CD does provide some nice variety for the Christmas season.

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