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Friday, December 7, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 14 - A Very Veggie Christmas

So when our son was a pre-schooler, we endured many a "Silly Song."  Today, I share an entire album of them.

"A Very Veggie Christmas" is a CD by the "Veggie Tales" gang.  Although their theology is lacking, and typically moralistic, and hits heavy on Law, rather than Gospel, when it comes to "Silly Songs," they can be a lot of fun!

Much talking goes on throughout the album, giving the feel that it is a recording from a Christmas party, or even from an intended TV Christmas special.

The songs are from "around the world," beginning with "Feliz Navidad."  This is followed by a hilarious rendition of the English "Boar's Head Carol," which is thoroughly, eruditely, and expertly explained by Archibald Asparagus.  Germany is represented by "Ring, Little Bells."

Fans of the Veggie films will recall "Can't Believe It's Christmas" from the video, "The Toy that Saved Christmas," and Larry's Silly Song, "Oh Santa!"  

Junior Asparugus sings his heart out, just like that rambunctious 5-year-old that sings his heart out at many-a-Christmas-program, in "While By My Sheep."

And the album wraps up with the "8 Polish Foods of Christmas," which all somehow include meat!

It's funny.  It's diverse.  It's silly. It is unlike any other Christmas album you own.  

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