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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tribute to Tremendous Treasure

The life of prayer is not always easy to maintain. When we do try to keep the discipline of a structured prayer life, we often find ourselves needing a Bible, a hymnal, a catechism, and perhaps some books by modern Christian laymen or pastors. It can get rather overwhelming.

Here at Saint John’s, the “Parish at Prayer” is one tool to help with this. (This is modeled after Pastor Peter Bender's "Congregation at Prayer.") Yet, even with the catechism portion and a hymn verse printed, it still requires at least a Bible for the readings and psalms.

After much careful study and preparation, committee members of the Lutheran Hymnal Project that brought us Lutheran Service Book have prepared Treasury of Daily Prayer. Nothing like this has ever been published, at least in the English-speaking world of Lutheranism.

In a single volume, just slightly larger than copies of LSB, the entire year of prayer is laid out. All 150 psalms are printed. Every day has a passage from a psalm, an Old Testament and a New Testament reading, a writing from a saint, “church father,” or more recent Lutheran are printed in their entirety. A latter section of the book has the orders of Matins, Vespers, Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer, and Compline (prayer for the close of the day.)

The only thing that will require a second book is if the reader wants to follow the recommended readings from the Concordia (The Lutheran Confessions), which I do. Everything else is contained between the covers of this noteworthy book.

We gather frequently in the Lord’s House to be fed His Holy Word and Blessed Sacrament. Our daily prayer between these Divine Services provides another opportunity to be fed His Word, and then through prayer, to exercise this gift of faith. During this time of daily Prayer, as He speaks His Word, we are reminded of the sure and certain promises from the most recent Divine Service, and at the same time prepared for the next reception of His Gifts!

There currently is an online sample that I have been using in my daily devotions. Concordia Publishing House hopes that this will introduce a number of pastors and laity to this great resource, whetting their appetites and spreading the word. It has done just that for me! The Lord is feeding me with this true Treasure, and I cannot wait to get a full copy! I will be pre-ordering soon, so that I can have the book itself as soon as it is “hot off the presses.”

Concordia Publishing House will release this Treasury later in October. You can pre-order a copy at CPH.org, or 800-325-3040.


Munster Maria said...

Sounds almost as good as Harry Potter!
Does CPH require wristbands and allow you to wait outside at midnight? Hee Hee.
Shared this resource with my small group Bible study last time you posted about it.

Scot K said...

Thanks, Pastor, for the mention of our new resource Treasury of Daily Prayer. I am thrilled that you are already using the resource in its virtual form.
It was a great privilege to receive from the Commission the Daily Lectionary designed for the proposed prayer book and the extremely well developed rationale and basic structure of the prayer book itself. The vision of the Liturgy Committee and the Commission for a resource for the daily life of prayer will be honored for generations.
If you would like a behind the scenes look at the making of the Treasury, you might like looking at the white papers on my blog, at prkinnaman.blogspot.com .

Rev. Richard A. Heinz said...

Scott: Thanks for lurking, and the comments. This project truly excites.

Ha! If we had to wait in line, I would. :-)

Glad you shared!