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Sunday, June 8, 2008

GREAT Chinese Food

Mmmmmm! You just cannot top it!

Kristi and I diverted our path on our way home from the bead show by stopping in Evergreen Park at "our" restaurant: Chi Tung. Chi Tung is the best asian restaurant we have ever experienced. We frequented it when we lived less than a mile from it. Now, every time we pass through Chicagoland, we have to stop!

As we were seated this past Saturday (the first visit we have EVER had no wait), we were greeted with hot, steamy hand towels. Very refreshing! We ordered lunch-sized specials (which were still more than enough.) Cashew Chicken is our all time favorite. Even the egg rolls are far superior to anyone else's. The wraps are flaky and crispy, the filling quite tasty, and the sweet and sour magnificent!

Have I mentioned that we adore and miss this place?

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Kristi Heinz said...

It was AMAZING! It is even good reheated!