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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leaping for Life

Leap Day is not just simply a time to thank God for an extra day. For those who know the Oberdieck family, it is a time to thank God for EVERY day. A day to remember that every day is a precious gift from the Lord of Life.

Four years ago this afternoon, the Lord sent His holy angels to stop the car that Emma Oberdieck was driving, at precisely the inch necessary. She was driving in the "fast lane" of I-64, returning to Lanesville, IN from her work in Louisville, KY. The SUV in front of her swerved suddenly, revealing a broken down semi, stopped in that "fast lane." With no time to react, Emma's vehicle crashed into the tailgate of the semi.

One inch more would have meant that her earthly life was over, and she would have gone to the Lord that day. (And while it would have been joyful for her, it would have been tragic to her husband, her three sons, family, and all of us at that time at St. John's Lutheran in Lanesville.)

As it turned out, bruising, a broken knee, some shattered glass in her scalp, and multiple fractures in her wrist were the worst of the physical results. (Oh, and her new coat from Christmas that had to be cut to get her out of the crushed car.)

We are so thankful for the protection of God's holy angels, thankful for the gift of life, and thankful for our friend, Emma. Happy Leap Day, Emma!

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