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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hymnal in Every Home

"Back in the day," Lutherans would tote their hymnals from home to church, and then back home again. The compact Gesangbuecher would have only the text, without music, but effort was placed into learning the tunes as well, so they could be sung at home without notation. Hymns and prayers were taught to their children from what often was one of precious few books in their household. There was a sense of honor and respect for the treasures contained in those pages.

It is the hope and prayer of our faithful friends at CPH that such an attitude is reborn. The goal for Lutheran Service Book is that is not only be a book in the pew rack, but a part of your daily life of prayer. Be sure you are a part of this transforming movement of "A Hymnal in Every Home!"

Enduring and lasting, the psalms, hymns, and prayers of this volume will enrich any family whose hearts and minds the Holy Spirit will open. For nearly four years the congregations I have served have used this treasure; and from the start, every member of my household has had one as well! We join the 80% of LCMS congregations that have adopted LSB as their hymnal.

Thanks be to God for His enduring Word, liturgy, and song!

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