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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesus Sends

This morning I made the following announcement to the faithful gathered at Saint John's Lutheran Church in Lanesville.

A little over ten years ago, we were faced with a similar situation and decision: to remain with many loved ones and a Call that was filled with the familiar, or to say, "Here am I; send me, send me!"

Today, after three weeks of much prayer and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the Lord can currently make the best use of the talents and abilities He has given my family and me in the context of St. John's Lutheran Church & School in Chicago.

I thank the Lord of the Church for the four years of blessings and fellowship at Mt. Greenwood Lutheran Church in Chicago, and then the ten years of blessings and fellowship here.

We ask for your continued prayers, especially in these last few weeks here, for my family and for the two Saint John's, that Christ Jesus would continue to bless us with the healing, forgiving, and sustaining Gifts of His Gospel and Sacraments -- Gifts He will always deliver to
His Church through the pastors He sends out in the footsteps of the Twelve.

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David said...

Keep us apprised of your installation date in Chicago. We'd like to come if possible.