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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Star Trek

OK. I'm just back from the theater and my head is still reeling. Loved, loved, LOVED the film!

I first became a Trekker in high school. Got hooked with ST 2: The Wrath of Khan. Watched
all the films, and then became a die hard fan of The Next Generation. Still, the classic cast will always be dear to me. Especially Bones, for some reason.

This evening Kristi's boss and I went to see the film, since Kristi hates science fiction, and
since her boss did not have anyone that wanted to go either. We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh, new take on the classic cast. First of all, the casting director should be given a handsome bonus! The actors were spot on, yet not slavishly impersonating the original actors. The hat tips to the original series and films were there too, without being corny.

I read a novel during college about Kirk's father being on board the first Starfleet vessel that had an experimental warp drive. While that story is transformed, I liked the new origin.

A wonderful film that has you leaving the theater wanting more and excited at the prospect of a new chapter in Star Trek films! Well done!

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