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Monday, April 6, 2009


Tonight Ben completed his swim test for Boy Scouts!

As a youth, I was always in the "Beginner" category. For that, you need to swim at least 25 yards. For "swimmer" you need to swim 100 yards, the last 25 have to be back stroke, and then tread water.

Ben swam 50 yards, and thought he reached his limit. So he got the "beginner" level. After his good friends got "swimmer," he decided to try again. This time he completed it!

When you go to Boy Scout camp, a board is posted at the pool. It has a circle cut out of white card stock, but color coded. If it is left white, you are a non-swimmer, and MUST stay in the shallow end of the pool. If half is colored in red, you are a beginner, and may go in the shallow or middle of the pool. If you are a swimmer, half is colored red and half blue. You
may then go to the deep end as well.

No, Ben is not ready for the "Mile Swim" award, but man! He did great!

Congratulations, Ben, for becoming a "swimmer!" This also completed some requirements for rank advancement!

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