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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Mama Patricia and Hands of Mercy

Deaconess Pat Nuffer spoke to the Kentuckiana Zone of LWML today. Pat is the wife of CTS Professor Richard Nuffer, and serves many, many disabled people in the Sudan. A couple times a year she aids the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Sudan by bringing items such as first aid kits with common, over-the-counter items like Band Aids, Tylenol, aspirin, Tums, etc. Items as varied as solar panels, hygiene kits, and handicapped-adapted bicycles are among the things she takes.

Of course, in the context of bodily mercy, aiding the disabled near Yambio, Pat and her co-workers teach from My First Catechism and One Hundred Bible Stories, sharing the Gospel with the people they are aiding.

Hands of Mercy is purposefully a joint project between Pat and her American contacts, and the indigenous Lutheran Church in Sudan. No "short term mission project" that lacks connections to altars and pulpits.

What an amazing thing to hear of God's work through Hands of Mercy!

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