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Monday, October 20, 2008

ESV Study Bible: WAIT for The Lutheran Study Bible

Avoid the confusion. Paul McCain of CPH has posted a clear and striking review of Crossway's ESV Study Bible. It is quite Reformed, and not useful or beneficial for Lutherans. A lack of Law/Gospel understanding, and complete denial of God's saving work through His Sacraments is evident. Even OT passages that are clearly speaking Christologically (on the Person and work of Christ) are left "blurry" and "gray."

On the other hand, CPH is wrapping up a project of historic proportions: The Lutheran Study Bible. It is ESV, but every note and help is completely Lutheran in its origin -- nothing borrowed from other sources, as we have done in past "study Bibles."

Save your money for now. The Lutheran Study Bible will be released in about a year, October 2009!

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Paul McCain said...

Hi Folks, I thought you would like to have a sneak preview of The Lutheran Study Bible, coming, Reformation Day 2009, call it a "teaser trailer."