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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You Know You're Pushing 40 When...

...too much deep fried food stays with you all night long.

We fried zucchini last evening. Kristi uses a hint from Rachael Ray to slice them in long strips, with one side of each piece keeping the skin. They look like steak fries. Then you dip them in flour, and then in a beer batter (which is simply beer and flour, mixed to pancake-batter-consistency.) Deep fry them at about 350 degrees until golden and crispy.

(With the bleached flour and the beer, it doesn't fit in all that well with Pastor Weedon's Atkins Diet, does it!)

Still, we love them. I ate way too many, and after the better part of the evening, took a Pepcid. I remained uncomfortable all night!

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