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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Daydreams of Newlyweds at the Grand Floridian

...And 11 years ago today, Kristi and I were united in Holy Matrimony. :-)

It was a huge wedding. Most people who go through such a large wedding advise others to elope. Not us! We had a blast! It was a beautiful day, with much joy, even in all the numerous details. We loved every minute of it!

After the great service at Trinity Lutheran in Centralia, with Pastor Martin Hufford officiating, we had a fabulous reception, down the road at St. Mary's! (Their gym was larger and had air conditioning!) Great food, great music, great friends & family having fun and dancing!

The next day we went to Divine Service with our family, and then opened gifts at Kristi's folks. Then Sweet Amy took us to Saint Louis, where I had booked a night at the Cheshire Inn. She came the next morning as our "limo service," and took us to the airport for our trip: Walt Disney World honeymoon, complete with the "Grand Plan."

OK, so we paid out the nose. But we were pampered beyond belief that week! Fine meals. Being whisked to the front of lines. We felt like royalty!

I have the number of the room we stayed in that week. It was WDW's 25th anniversary that year, so our 25th wedding anniversary will be WDW's 50th. We plan on going back and getting that room! :-)

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