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Friday, February 8, 2008

The Spin Off Becomes the Real Thing!

Yesterday was the big reveal of the new design for Higher Things. With this new design, myHT is no longer a spin-off; we have become the main page! We are not the Laverne & Shirley to Happy Days, the Knott’s Landing to Dallas, or Frasier to Cheers! No, in truth it never felt like we at myHT were unimportant or less than the original website. Actually, it has been a wonderful beginning, which keeps getting better!

The new design is due to a great team, led by Pastor Mark Buetow as Internet Services Executive for Higher Things, as well as Stan Lemon and Sandra Ostapowich. It has a cleaner look and great feel.

Higher Things has new articles each week, and many more archived. Check out the columnist’s writings on everything from theology and liturgy to Pop Culture, from movie reviews to current events.

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