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Thursday, January 25, 2007

LSB: A Decade in the Making, and Worth the Wait

We dedicated our copies of Lutheran Service Book at the conclusion of last Sunday's Divine Service. In three days we will use them for our first Sunday!

Perhaps the most amazing aspect of the change has been the swiftness of the process. Now, I have spent over seven years of teaching toward LSB at Saint John's. But it was not until the November voters' meeting that we approved collecting funds for the books. Our altar guild got behind it and encouraged gifts toward the hymnals rather than poinsettias for the altar this year. That, along with several other generous gifts made for a fast collection -- less than two months -- that exceeded our need!

We will obviously begin with the familiar: Divine Service, Setting Three ("Page 15" revision.) Our members are just glad to be rid of the "juggling" of TLH, HS98, and various bulletin inserts. It was never my intention to use that "juggling" as a tool to encourage the switch, but it ended up a serendipitous side-effect.

Hymns will also stick with the familiar in the early weeks. The very first hymn we will sing is 790, Praise to the Lord, the Almighty. The Divine Service will close with 656, A Mighty Fortress.

Praise to the Lord, indeed! I look forward to using LSB as a steward of the mysteries, for many years to come!

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